8-Week Fall for Fabulous Program
Go from feeling SLUGGISH to absolutely SEXY in just 8 weeks


YOU, a busy professional woman feeling FRUSTRATED with your current weight management goals, feeling SLUGGISH in your body and mind, and so OVERWHELMED with all the contradictory information you hear about diets, workouts and what works and what doesn’t. This program will help you break free from the diet mindset and focus on healing your body from the inside out, leading you to feel SEXY, CONFIDENT and FABULOUS - just in time for the New Year!

You see, a healthy body and a sexy waistline are not about vigorous exercises and calorie counting. 80% of your success lies in the relationship you have with the foods you eat and your lifestyle.

  •       Do the foods you eat and the thoughts you think heal you or harm you?
  •       Have you looked at any underlying imbalances that may interfere with your weight management?
  •       Are you tired of yo-yo dieting, and countless hours at the gym, hoping there is a better way?

Over-exercising may make matters worse. Dieting could harm you rather than heal you. When you learn the right approach for your personal body type, trimming your waistline becomes easier. We do this by discovering what lies beneath your challenges and then create a customized plan specifically for your needs. No one person is the same, so the approach cannot be the same for everyone.


If you’re looking for a quick fix, a magic pill, an easy solution, a do-it-for-me approach… this is NOT for you! In fact, those approaches don’t exist...


  •       You will discover the link between weight loss, your eating habits, your mindset, and your overall health.
  •       You will learn how food cravings affect your waistline, and how to crush them for best results.
  •       You will realize that toxins can hinder your weight loss goals and discover effective ways in minimizing and clearing them from your body.
  •       You will uncover any underlying health conditions, imbalances, and lifestyle choices that could be blocking your body’s natural fat burning engine.
  •       Most importantly, you will learn to fall in love with yourself, because let’s get real, self-love and self-acceptance are the foundation to achieving anything in life.


The idea behind ‘Fall for Fabulous’ is approaching weight management from a feminine perspective, using the feminine energy of love, compassion, understanding and nurture. It’s not about counting calories and spending hours at the gym, it’s not about going on vigorous diets that are really stressful on the body, and starving yourself just to lose weight. It’s all about learning to shift your lifestyle in such a way that weight loss happens naturally. In fact, I always say, weight loss and weight management are just the side effects of healthy habits. By identifying your specific imbalances and focusing on the core link and imbalances between weight management and your lifestyle you will reach your goal naturally and keep it up for life.


  •       Private Nutrition and Lifestyle Assessment
  •       A customized plan based on our findings and your needs
  •       Bi-weekly one-on-one coaching sessions
  •       Online support

So if you’re looking for a realistic lasting solution to help you feel confident, sexy and fabulous in your body, then I’d like to invite you to book a quick chat with me to discuss your needs and to see whether ‘Fall for Fabulous’ is the right program for you.

CLICK HERE to book your complementary chat with me! 



  • Acceptance into the program is by application only. I’m ONLY accepting 8 participants as I want to make sure I give you most attention. If interested, don’t wait long, BOOK A CALL and let’s chat. You will feel so much more empowered after our chat.


  •       LIMITED LAUNCH PROMO - $397 (available until October 30)
  •       Regular Price - $800
  •       *May be covered by your private insurance coverage.

‘An unwanted belly isn’t always caused by excess weight’. Join us and learn how to look and feel fabulous from inside out!

FALL in LOVE with yourself, FALL for FABULOUS!


About Lusine:  Lusine Stepanian is a Lifestyle Makeover Mentor and a Registered Holistic Nutritionist. She coaches busy professional women who find it challenging to take care of their health in the busy lifestyle that they lead. She digs deep into the root cause of her clients' underlying issues, helping them break through their health barriers, build clarity, consistency and confidence by implementing simple techniques that suit their busy lifestyle. Using nutrition, lifestyle and mindfulness techniques, Lusine guides her clients through a realistic yet effective journey of improved health, inner beauty and strength. And what Lusine is most passionate about is inspiring women to love their body, and to look and feel fabulous from inside out.

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