"Every year around June I suffer from seasonal allergies. After following Lusine’s customized protocol I am happy to say that I only had one allergic reaction this season. Nutrition really works! Thank you Lusine."  ~ Von

"I recently had the opportunity to consult Lusine regarding my skin condition (eczema). She provided me not only with knowledgeable advice about nutrition but also a comprehensive meal plan. She is well educated, down-to-earth and passionate about wellbeing. I highly recommend her services to anyone who is interested in a nutritious lifestyle!" ~ Chisako  

"After following Lusine's nutritional advice my PMS has improved greatly. Before, on the first day of my period I had to stop whatever I was doing and go home. But after following Lusine’s recommendations I could actually work during those days. In addition, she tailored her suggestions to my vegan diet. And she is always very clear and approachable about her treatment options. Lusine, thank you so much for your professional advice!" ~ Ashley

"I have had high blood pressure for many years and didn’t realise that it can be lowered by changing my lifestyle and eating habits. Lusine taught me how to take control of my health and feel better. Within a few weeks both my blood pressure and headaches have improved!" ~ Eliza

"I made all the dietary changes Lusine recommended and I am proud to say that after two months my BPH symptoms have significantly reversed." ~ Sam