WEIGHT WELL - The Ultimate Weight Loss Program

We are now recruiting for our next round of the WEIGHT WELL program. For those who have been wanting to lose weight in a natural, empowering and healthy way, this is it. We're starting on July 12th, and we only have limited spots for a super Summer Promo price. Check out Weight Well at www.weightwellprogram.com .


Weight Well is the ultimate weight loss program created by a Naturopathic Doctor and a Holistic Nutritionist. Learn how to lose up to 20 lbs a month in a healthy and empowering way! With Weight Well, your weight loss will be easy, delicious and fun! And you’ll get to eat chocolate everyday and lose weight! This is a delicious way to lose weight and feel beautiful!

Weight Loss made easy:
· No counting points
· No counting calories
· Eating all natural real foods
· Accessible to everyone
· No long term commitment
· Lose up to 20 lbs a month

This is an online program. In your weekly webinars, we provide you with the tools you need to lose weight naturally and effectively. Here are the topics we will cover together:

Week 1: The real reason why you haven’t lost weight yet
Week 2: Healthy foods that sabotage your success
Week 3: Detox your way to weight loss
Week 4: Shrink your belly fat in 3 steps flat

What’s included: 
 · Private one-on-one consultation and follow-up
· Weekly webinars including a Q&A session
· Access to 24/7 online Weight Well community support
· Access to our series of "speedy health tips"
· Access to bi-weekly inspirational posts
· Our signature Weight Well food list
· Access to our fast and easy recipes including the "Food Inspiration" list

Check out our introductory video on the Secret to Permanent Weight Loss.

· Summer Promo $240 (reg. $353) for 4 weeks
· Starts on July 12

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