Butter, Balm and Bubbles - OFFICIAL LAUNCH

The official launch of Bare Holistics Skincare is taking place on May 27 at the Wellness Exhibition at Bata Shoe Museum. Come by for an evening of inspiration and beauty. I will be launching three products from my holistic skincare line – the 3 B’s – Butter, Balm and Bubbles.

CocoaShea Body Butter – Our whipped body butter is made from raw unrefined butters and oils, leaving your skin silky smooth with a subtle scent of chocolate aroma. Perfect for all types of skin and occasions – use it as an all body moisturizer, or for a relaxing massage. It’s so light and lovely, you may even be tempted to eat it. (note: please don’t eat it :))

Cocolicious Lip Balm – Soft and smooth, our cocolicious lip balm smells of coconut and vanilla. It glides through your lips like butter, keeping them soft and lush and stimulating all your senses.

Artisanal Holistic Soaps – Here is art for your bathroom that you get to use every day. Our artisanal soaps are all one of a kind, made with oils and butters and lightly scented with essential oils and herbal infusions. Each has its own unique personality and beauty. Come find the one that complements yours!

The Story:
As a Registered Holistic Nutritionist, I have been exploring not only health and beauty from inside out, but also from outside in. What we put on our skin absorbs deep into our bloodstream and needs to be detoxified by the liver. Therefore, it is vital to use skincare products derived from natural ingredients. I first began mixing my own skincare products about three years ago using shea butter as my main ingredient. Over the years, with feedback from friends and family, I researched and refined my formulas to the smooth, silky, delicious consistency that it is now. Come sample them at the official launch on May 27 at the Wellness Exhibition. Can’t wait to meet you! 

What others say:

Lusine, I love the lip balm you made for me. I use it every day now and I don’t have any allergic reactions. And the power of body scrub and body butter is superb! Even my boyfriend noticed that my skin is really soft (I used them without him knowing!) Thank you so much!  ~ Chisako

Both of these items are delicious deliciousness! From smell to texture to how it makes my skin feel! Thank you Lusine! ~ Olga

The cocoa body butter you made is just amazing. The texture is smooth and light and it smells so delicious, I just want to eat it. ~ Margo


  1. These products look good and must to have, I will look for it in local market and hope to get it easily. Can you also share any online link from where we can get it. Thanks

    1. Thanks! Currently they're only sold locally in Toronto. If you're in the area and would like to order some, connect with me via email.