The Wicked WEIGHT LOSS Program

Do you struggle with yo-yo dieting, constantly losing and gaining weight and feeling frustrated with no results? Do you feel confused about what to do to effectively manage your weight, so you can stop worrying about your waistline and start feeling fabulous? The Wicked Weight Loss Program is a two-part group program focusing on the core link between weight management and your lifestyle. You see, weight loss is just the side effect of healthy habits. Click here to RSVP!

In this WICKED program you will learn:
·         The link between weight loss, your eating habits, your mindset, and your overall health.
·         How food cravings affect your waistline, and how to crush them for best results.
·         How toxins can hinder your weight loss goals and effective ways in minimizing and clearing them from your body.
·         Uncover any underlying health conditions and lifestyle choices that could be blocking your body’s natural fat burning engine.
·         And more...
Join us and learn how to look and feel fabulous from inside out!

The program is comprised of two parts - Nutrition and Lifestyle. Each part includes the following:
·         4 weekly group sessions
·         Weekly take-home assignments
·         Interactive workbook
·         Online group support