Summer SHAPE-UP interactive workshop

I have been approached by many women looking for a magic solution to weight-loss. Truth be told, there is no magic pill. Instead I encourage my clients to adapt a healthy lifestyle and to learn to love their body; and the weight will come off naturally. In fact, weight-loss is the just side effect of healthy habits. If you are struggling to lose weight, if you are tired of yo-yo dieting, and frustrated with no results then this invitation is for you!

You are invited to attend our LIVE Summer Shape Up Training Workshop!

You will learn:
  • What weight-loss is really all about
  • The myths about dieting and calorie counting and why they don’t work
  • The truth about how to look & feel fabulous this summer
  • How to turn dieting into a realistic and sustainable lifestyle
  • What’s your gut and liver got to do with your waistline
  • The #1 thing that is hindering your weight-loss and how to overcome it
  • And more…

Stay tuned for full details on time and location! Coming up in July!

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  1. I beleive one should maintain a healthy eating and an active lifestyle from the start because once you increase weight, it is really hard to bring it down. Eat everything but smaller proportions and walk it out.