DIY Lactose-free Yogurt

I love yogurt! I use it in my smoothies, I make fresh homemade parfait with it, I cook with it, I even make delicious soup with it. Today I had a thought... why not make my own lactose-free organic yogurt. There is a warm fuzzy feeling when you eat something that you made yourself at home. First of all it almost always tastes good, and it is ALWAYS healthier. You can control what goes in your yogurt... do you want it to be full fat, low fat, zero fat? Do you want to make it lactose free, organic? And what’s your preferred flavour? You get to control how your yogurt turns out to be!

Yogurt is an excellent source of calcium, as long as it’s full fat, or close to it. The protein and the probiotics in the yogurt also help boost our immune system. And let’s not forget our digestive system. Since yogurt is technically fermented milk, it is loaded with live bacteria colonies that help keep our digestive system strong. All you need is two ingredients! Prep it tonight, have it ready for breakfast tomorrow! 

  • 2 ½ cups organic milk (lactose-free is optional), it should be 2% fat or more
  • 1 tbsp yogurt (2% fat or more)
  1. Bring the milk to boil, let it cool until you can comfortably insert your finger in it and not burn yourself. It should be a few degrees warmer than your body temperature. 
  2. Add the yogurt and beat it until smooth.
  3. Cover with a plastic wrap and towels and let it sit overnight on your counter. 
  4. In the morning transport the yogurt into the fridge for 2 hours for it to cool.
  5. Et voila! It’s ready to enjoy!
*I like adding a few fresh berries and oats to it, and drizzle with some raw honey for a healthy breakfast.

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